Medical Screening Information

This policy does not provide cover for pre-existing medical conditions unless declared to us and accepted by us in writing (an additional premium may be payable). Please refer to the flow chart below for the definition of conditions or significant medical history that must be declared if you are unsure.

If you need to declare a medical condition please call:

InsuraTrip Healthcheck


01483 806 909

Mon-Fri 9am-5:30pm.

Failure to declare all necessary pre-existing conditions could invalidate your policy or mean a claim is later declined.

InsuraTrip Screening Questions

If you have any queries on whether you need to screen or not, please call the InsuraTrip office on 01483 806 909

Once you have screened please select

Already Screened

in the medical screening drop down box on the previous page by clicking the button below.

Please Note: You do not need to enter your medical screening reference anywhere on your policy.

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Key Benefits

  • Online Policy Delivery
  • Wide Range of Options
  • £10M Medical Expenses
  • Accident & Liability Cover
  • End Supplier Failure Cover
  • Baggage Cover
  • 100+ Sports & Activities
  • Kids Go FREE on Family Policies

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